Monday, 21 January 2013

Looks I am Loving: Jessa from HBO’s Girls

Jessa from girls  bareface + red lip
Jessa bold lip + barely and eye = Awesome

Yes I am not the first person to be raving about this show. It’s a bit much in the sex department for my taste but one thing that has gotten my attention is the makeup. If it is supposed to be a real depiction of women, they are doing a fairly good job, most people don’t wear gobs of makeup. But their characters wear barely any! It is sort of refreshing in a way to see women looking good with just hints of it.

HBO's 'Girls': The Ultimate Guide to Jessa's Style Photo 13
Barrettes! Seriously!

Jessa is my favorite. Most of the time we see her relatively barefaced, with perfect undone hair, crazy hippy outfit and looking like she just finished rolling out of bed with someone fabulous and just threw on some lippy. The “look” as the beauty people would say is fresh faced and dewy, strong brows, bold lip, no eyes, undone hair. 
It is casual beauty done awesome. It takes a very confident girl to rock this, because it is all about a bright lip with no beauty trappings to hide behind. I think it is probably one of the more wearable trends we have seen come out though. I feel it is very European-still-have-body-hair chic but still oh-so-fabulous. I predict minimal hair and makeup will be big for spring 2013. Here are some runway examples:

Mix and match.
Not sure what show this is from but these are models. Fuschia & Orange!

no eyes+ lip- Doutzen Kroes - Beauty SS 2013
Doutzen Kroes another model at Giles SS 2013 show

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 - Backstage
Another model at Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 (done by my  makeup hero Dick Page)

Most of the runway examples are brights instead of Jessa’s red (except for the Marc Jacobs) which is more funky and would be easier to rock if you were concerned with not drawing attention to any redness, because you shouldn’t be wearing much for foundation. This look is probably best rocked as barefaced as possible. It is the perfect time for just a BB cream (with SPF!), maybe a light translucent powder across the T-Zone. In one memorable episode, Jessa and Marnie bitch about Hannah, They say something about her putting a nice dress and makeup but still having a shiny forehead. Just wash your forehead! As they would say, or some blotting papers in the bag might be a good idea. Since it is ideally rocked with no eye makeup, filling in the brows balances it out a bit. The key is good application here so you might want to look at my lipstick application how to.
                I think I will probably be rocking this most of next summer. Lazy + lippy = Awesome. So:

Is this a look you would rock?
Are you digging the funky colours?
Or prefer the classic red?
What do you think of Girls?

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