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How to: Apply Bronzer

lol bronzer/ tanning junkies

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So this time of year people seem to be sick of winter and want spring to come, even to their makeup. The Spring/Summer shows have come and we are seeing all the new things to come, the groundhog didn't see his shadow, so why isn’t it spring already? Well the first thing people seem to want to revive their wintry complexions with a bit of summer “colour”. Personally, I would like people to revive with good skincare (Maybe a little mask-ing) rather than a tan if you have read my stance on sunscreen you will know why. When apply properly, bronzer can give the bit of glow you want without compromising your skin.

lol bronzer/ tanning junkies
Tread Lightly my friends.

Bronzer is all about application. Like highlighter, bronzer it should NOT BE APPLIED TO THE ENTIRE FACE. It should be applied where the sun naturally falls: across the forehead, the bridge of the nose, the cheek bones and maybe the chin. Sweep the bronzer lightly across the face horizontally, working from the forehead to the chin, making almost an inverted triangle.

It should not be applied like blush to the cheeks. No one blushes brown. I will do a blog on blush eventually but needless to say no one tans on their cheeks only. If you want to get away with one face colour product use a blush for that. I am not a fan of contouring, like I explained in the highlighter post, because most people screw it up. 9 times out of ten it looks like brown streaks. Doing contouring, it is almost puts it in the opposite places to where bronzer looks natural; no one tans under their chin or cheek bones. Save contouring for the professionals. Also, don’t wear a foundation colour that is darker than your natural skin tone in the hope of circumventing bronzer all together; you will look orange and it will always wear off in patches, giving you an uneven complexion. And your neck/body will be a different colour. You can't go from Christina Hendricks to J.Lo, just rock what you've got. I digress.

Anyway, I prefer a matte bronzer that is relevant to your colouring. Lighter the skin the lighter the bronzer. If you can, also try and find a bronzer that matches the undertone of your skin, whether it is more on the yellow side or more on the pink side. Matte is ideal because if you are applying it properly, it will be on the places you have the largest pores and the oiliest skin. Rimmel is still my favourite, it doesn't deposit crazy amounts of colour but it is easy to work with and build up.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Matte finish, inexpensive, comes in something for every skin tone

I also like this golden powder from Shiseido, it provides colour and a bit of sheen if you don’t want a totally matte look. The shiseido people use it in conjunction with bronzer, but because I am so fair I often wear it on its own.

Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Face Color in BE 206
Shiseido Makeup Luminizing Satin Face Color in BE 206

So do you wear bronzer?
Do you agree with me about the contouring?
What is your favourite bronzer?   


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