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Looks I am Loving: Coloured Eye Shadow SS 2013

Turquoise and yellow eyeshadow  Peter Som - Spring 2013 beauty
Peter Som Spring 2013

So I feel like I have been talking about a lot of heavy stuff lately, and I still am getting a feel of what you guys do and don’t like so I thought I would talk about something fun and leave all the talk of moisturising  and exfoliating behind for a minute and talk about stuff that give us instant satisfaction- Pretty, sparkly eye shadow. I somewhat talked about spring being about natural face + bold something with my last looks I am loving post about the Jessa look. Looking at more pictures from SS 2013 I have discovered another thing I love; the amazing natural face + coloured shadow. Again super simple and you could actually walk down the street without feeling super weird. It has surpassed its junior high school roots and in this other picture from Peter Som, looks down right edgy:

Beauty Peter Som SS 2013
Also Peter Som Spring 2013
Diggin the hair chalk

The Chloe version is also really fun, but super bold. Orange I always think is an unexpected choice, because not many people can wear it well. Optionally you could rock a coral which is a lot easier to wear and looks universally good. If you look good in orange, generally warmer skin tones, and you know it, might as well try it.

Chloe SS13: This makes a change for Chloe, there makeup has been minimal for a fair few seasons now. This look is all about colour and shape. A red and ornage hue are applied in elongated crescent above the eye. The elaborate eye makeup is complimented with pared down skin, lips and brows.
Chloe SS 2013

  Good options include this one, for a bold look like the runway:

Eye Studio® Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow
Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Shadow

Or my favourite soft orange, which they call a gold peach. More natural, easy to dive into:

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Freelove
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Freelove

This look from Derek Lam wins the award for Most Wearable. I saw it, and it was really what inspired this post. I have been wearing this a lot. I have been wearing it with a bit of coral blush on my cheeks though so it doesn't suck quite so much colour from my face usually with a little bit of tight-lined eyeliner. There is a shade of green that works on everyone so it is something easy to try I think. Remember, eye primer is probably a good idea.

Jac at Derek Lam Spring 2013 #ss13 #nyfw #backstage #beauty #makeup
Derek Lam SS 2013

I have been using the one shade jealous from the limited edition palette from Urban Decay. The rest of the palette is lovely too, and the shades are interchangeable with their regular shadows so you can swap them out. And it comes with a very kick-ass bright red lip stick pencil that you can use for the red lip look the next day.

The Theodora Palette by Urban Decay
Urban Decay Theodora Palette

The other way to dive in a little more subtly, is to do a colour with a bright liner. Dick Page did what they are calling a floating liner, that is obviously not very subtle but still awesome:

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2013
Dick Page for Micheal Kors SS 2013

So obviously, for normal, walking around makeup, you would want to apply it just like regular liner with a bit of black mascara. You might want to even tight-line underneath the lashes with some black and then apply the coloured liner on the top lash line for more eye definition. I remembered that they said at the school something about that Mr.Page used some sort of pigmented shadow that they designed for the show and hasn't been released yet. Other websites are saying they were the Shiseido Shimmering cream shadows, which would work, but I am pretty sure that's not it. So I am going to give you another Urban Decay recommend (no I am not getting paid for this) because they just happen to make really great colours:

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils by Urban Decay (Official Site)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils 

Also the aqua pencil that came out in Lancome's limited edition spring collection looks eerily similar to the aqua at Michael Kors to me, so you could try that. Personally I am holding out for the electric green.

Khôl In Love in Jade Crush
Lancome Khôl In Love in Jade Crush

So are you as pumped for the spring makeup collections as I am?
Would you ever wear orange?
Are these Looks I am Loving posts something you like?

And now I leave you with a video of the master Dick Page working his magic for the Michael Kors show:


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