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How to: Use Sunless Tanner

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*Body does not come with application of fake tan

Tis' the season for the fake tan. After my Serena post, I realized I wanted to go full out and do the tan that goes with. Done and done. Plus it has the added bonus of covering up most the cuts, bruises, mosquito bites (who da thunk there would even be bugs on Manhattan?) and other signs of a summer well lived. So I thought I would explain how to do a good one, so it looks like you froliced in the summer summer as well, even though hopefully you tried to stay out of it, or enveloped in a cloud of SPF.
So if you have read any of my blog, you will know I don't tan. Either naturally or try to anyways because um CANCER and wrinkles, and sun spots and stuff. Please read my post on sunscreen if you still haven't figured out that tanning is a really bad idea. It is basically the most aging thing you can do and effects the texture of the skin so vanity wise it is a bad idea.
haha! yea im a nerd. dont judge
Funny, but seriously, don't do the booth!

So without further ado, lets get to the how to part of the how to without having this happen:

Grumpy cat hats bad tans 
So pick a good tanner that means you might have to drop a bit of coin, no 99 cent specials. It also means be realistic. Just like hair colour you only want to go one or two shades darker for a natural looking tan. Any more than that and you are going to look like you are from the Jersey shore or you are some sort of retired body builder. Neither is a good association. Like-wise you can't go from pasty to bronze goddess in an instant; you might need a couple applications to reach the colour you want. Don't pick the "medium to dark" shade if you are super pasty; it is not going to work faster. Choose the appropriate thing for your skin tone people!
Anyways I do my tan fake tanning all in one night, exfoliate, shower, moisturize and tanner and then I sleep on it. Its really not that bad time-wise and you will get it down.

1. Exfoliate

This is super important to not only your tan applying evenly but also your tans longevity to ensure you aren't putting your pricy tanner on skin thats going to flake away right away. In the past I have used just the St.Ives Apricot scrub (you know the one I'm talkin' 'bout) because it is cheap, and oil-free and I can use gobs of it. I just tried this new one and honestly I think it works better. This new line from NUXE I go just before I left Canada and it is really fantastic. The natural content is even higher and they are trying to include organic content as well if you care about that sort of thing. It was only $20 Canadian which is really quite good for natural French product. The big seller for me is that everything in the line smells (and even tastes!) friggin' fantastic; not like fake smelling fruit but with extracts in it, it smells like the real thing. Try the peach body lotion, it is heavenly.

Bio-Beaute by NUXE Toning Exfoliant with Red-Currant Pulp
Bio-Beaute by NUXE Toning Exfoliant with Red-Currant Pulp

What makes it unique and work so well is that it is applied to dry skin (I am telling you, you should do it in the tub though) as an oily scrub just like my favourite Clarins cleanser (that I mentioned here)(which is also no coincidence considering Clarins distributes NUXE and I think they might also own it or a chunk at least). You can really work it into dry flaky patches for as long as you like and it really softens them up. Then it turns to a light foam as you wash it away, though it is soap free. And you smell fantastic even after its gone; good for touchable-ness if you know what I mean *wink*. There is a face version which now I want to try out as soon as I get back above the 49th unless someone knows where I can get my hands on some. Anyways I will quit gushing and move on. Oh! and remember to shave with your prefered method once you do hop in the shower.

2. Moisturize

As soon as you hop out of the shower, pat your self off a bit and IMMEDIATELY moisturize with something non-oily. This is the only time you are going to have me tell you that you can use something non-oily. It is so the tanner actually ends up getting absorbed so you get the most colour. And get liberal with it. Tanning again, is not the time to be cheap and skimp. I use this:

Iso Urea Fluid
La Roche Posay Iso-Urea Fluide

It is the light version of the one I normally use, and it also has a chemical exfoliant in it so you are getting a bit extra of that and it leaves you super soft. It is a quality fast absorbing moisturiser. Apparently you don't have this in the states either sadly...
I apply a good layer of that and sit around for about ten minutes. I don't wait over night or anything because a) I want to do the tanner at night and b) by the next day my dry patches with have absorbed it defeating the purpose. The purpose of moisturising is to eliminate those dry patches so they don't end up absorbing extra tanner giving you a patchy tan. Maybe I do a mask or something. Then I reapply a bit over any areas I really don't want it to absorb into such as the back of my heels, my elbows, anything thick and callous-like really.Then I follow it up by immediately applying my...

3. Sunless Tanner

So I have actually been using the St Tropez Tanning Mousse. I got a free one at work along with a mitt before I left and it is actually really fantastic. This is why they give us free stuff, so we give into trying it and find out how awesome it is and tell people to get it. It worked. It is new to Canada, but I think you have had it in the US for awhile.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse
 I like mousse tanners anyway because I find they do a more even job. I was using the Clarins self-tanning mousse which works quite well. This one is even better though because it has a guide colour which makes it practically idiot-proof, and the colour it produces is a bit darker. The clincher on this product though is really this mitt:

St Tropez Applicator Mitt
St Tropez Applicator Mitt
It is genius really, and I am sure it would improve any tanner. Just buy the mitt and try it with what you have. It buffs the tanner in, and you don't get the tell-tale orange fake tanning hands. Just remember to wash it after! And for more idiot-proof-ness here is a video on how to apply it on a skinny model, kidding, yourself hopefully. There are so many on the net on how to do this, they even put one out with a guy. This one, even though it is for the dark mousse, is the best I think but watch lots if it makes you feel better.

So, that's all folks! just wait a bit until it sets (which is another bonus of this tanner, fast-drying) and throw on a loose fitting nightie and go to bed. This is best. If you are going to do it during the day, don't do anything that would cause you to sweat aka actually being outside, or working out. You have my permission.

I generally do this a couple days in a row until I get my desired colour, at least twice so it is super even. Then to keep the colour, I do it every second or third day. Otherwise, which might save you a bit of coin, is to use one of the gradual lotions after that. It also helps to keep quite moisturized. The St Tropez people recommend body butter, which makes you look extra glowy. I have been using this one from Korres, because it is wonderful and shea butter filled, but also spreads nicely. It is scented, but that way you can mix it with the cheaper gradual tan lotions and not reek like fake tan. Its a good trick.

Korres Lemon Basil Body Butter
My favourite scent, also comes in three other scents
Remember, you aren't actually tan and can still burn through your fake tanner. Sunscreen is a must!

What is your favourite fake tan?
Have any new favourite products?
Do you bother fake tanning?
Better question, can anyone tell me where to get some NUXE state-side?

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