Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to: Survive a Hangover

Everyone has been there

So you had a rough week, so you wanted to blow off some steam then the next day you have an even rougher morning. And now you have to go to work. In a beauty department.

In a perfect world, this never would have happened because you are a responsible adult. And since you are a beauty person, you would have known the harsh effects that alcohol has on your circulation causing wrinkles, roughness and dehydration and you wouldn't drink at all. In fact you would have instead gone to bed early after removing your makeup, eating organic sprouts after having a rousing spin class at the gym. ...Riiiight.

So True....
Now you get to deal with the consequences because we are all adults. Which sucks. So go have several glasses of water and some advil, then get yourself a jug of coconut water (best thing in existence for a hangover, serious) and have a seat.

So I find that most tips for hangovers involve wearing as little makeup as possible. Even though you look terrible. Some days we have to, you know, face the world and stuff. So here is what I do:

Wash your face
Hopefully you made it to the bathroom to wash your makeup off before you passed out. Otherwise for next time, have some facial wipes in your nightstand. This is good practice anyways so there are no excuses. Even if you are amazing and managed to do either one of those things, chances are you didn't do the best job in the world. Plus washing your face helps get the circulation going.

Again, gets the circulation going, but also gets rid of a dull complexion. A scrub will do, but I have been using a glycolic toner for this purpose as it really seems like it gets down and get any left over gunk from the night before off and out of my pores. This staves off breakouts before you even get them and gets rid of dry patches. Double whammy. Makes the moisturizer work better. I have been using this NeoStrata one that is an 8% glycolic acid. Reversa makes a very similar one, so do some other companies. There doesn't seem to be a drastic formula difference.

Neostrata Glycolic Acid products
NeoStrata Toning Solution Level 1

Then, Nightcream
But it is day time you say? no matter. Chances are you didn't slather it on last night anyways. Hangovers are basically super dehydration. In order for your skin to look even remotely ok, it needs quite a bit of moisture. I find this is a good method because generally, night creams stay quite dewy, but also you aren't adding another, different product onto your already angry skin. Really massage it in too. a) this will help the product sink in, but b) it will also help to move the fluid out of your face if you experience that puffy, hangover face. Do remember though that night creams don't have any sun protection, and if you use the glycolic acid I just suggested, you will burn. Please be extremely careful and/or use sunscreen.
I am loving this Vichy Night Spa thing, so much so I might order another jar from Canada. It is a non-greasy, yet extremely hydrating gel that can be worn overnight in a thick layer like a mask, or lighter like a night cream. Korres has just come out with something like this as well which I am eager to try. Whatever night cream you have, use something with high amounts of hyluronic acid which holds water, because water is primarily what you are lacking which puts stress on the face. That is why people break out sometimes from drinking is because the lack of water puts the skin out of balance causing it to produce more oil. Nasty cycle. Get water in your body any way you can.

Aqualia Thermal Night Spa - Soothing & Replenishing Skincare - Vichy
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa
Apparently me and Chatelaine like the same things

-Do Some Serious Eyecream
Just make sure you do put some on. I will make a big difference in ensuring you don't look half dead. Follow the application video that is in my Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed post.
Now wait as long as you can for all of this to sink in a bit. I realize you may have barely pulled yourself out of bed, but it will go a long way in making you look a better. While you are waiting...

-Scrub your lips
Take your tooth brush (after you finish brushing the fuzz and the taste of tequila from your mouth) and gently rub it along your lips. This will remove the flaky dry skin that seems to happen.

For the most part, I would follow my Dewy Makeup post because it helps keep you hydrated. I might stay away from longwear foundation and primers (only this one time) just because they might further dry out/wreck the delicate balance of the moisture in the skin. Do a BB cream or tinted moisturizer if you can. Normally I would say you don't need a separate moisturizer underneath, but today is different. If you are too blotchy for that, do try the serum in foundation tip. It is a good time to crack it out.
Go easy on the eye makeup as your eyes tend to give it away the most. Choose a good, cream concealer, and hopefully most of the puffiness has gone down in your eyes right now, but still. Go for the blackest mascara your can, as it makes the whites of the eyes look whiter. Ditto for black or navy eye liner.
Pick a bright, moisturizing lip colour. It perks up the face and draws attention from the dark circles. I really love these Revlon lip butters like every  other blogger on the planet. They do work especially well for this state of lip though. They are really moisturizing and glossy enough to disguise any dry lip patches. And them come in some fairly bold colours which makes for a great statement lip while not wear much eye makeup so it looks totally intentional, and therefore like you are not hungover at all. The wear isn't great like most moisturizing lip colours so just keep it in you pocket for touch-ups.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter
 And you are done! Throw last nights hair into a messy bun and get on with your day appearing as if nothing ever happened. Now don't wreck yourself again (riiight...).

After you manage to get through the day, treat your self to a little TLC including more water/coconut water and some moisture masking preferably.

What are your hangover tips?
Do you have a favorite night cream/moisture mask?
Are you so responsible you never get a hangover?

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