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My Top 5 Favourite Things

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...These are a few of my favourite things! Again! so still getting beck in the blogging spirit. I thought I would review some products, most of which I have talked about before, that are still and will always be kicking around in my bathroom and would probably die if they were discontinued. Even though I have a pile of makeup, these are things I use pretty much daily, and are probably kicking around in my purse right now. Criteria for making the list is that I have used them for over a year and still haven't found something I would rather use. Even though most of them are at a relatively inexpensive price point. I buy them, without a discount, even after I am not working in the land of beauty, and I feel lost without them. I most likely have multiple security bottles...I might have a problem.

1. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose

Tinted Lip Balm - Burt's Bees
Mmm moistury goodness
I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but my beauty life goal is to look like I stepped out of sleeping beauty. Unrealistic as is, I still want to look like a majestic princess. I seems slightly more realistic however to looking like Gisele Bundchen; just saying. Anyway, this gives that your lips only naturally wonderful look that they would have if you were a fairy princess. It also is very moisturizing, and imparts a dewy sheen on them, also magical. Basically, it makes a super pale me, look like I am not dead. If I am not wearing lipstick, I probably have this on. its like seven bucks for a lip balm, which seems a bit steep, but the color is perfect, and doesn't have the nasty chemical smell or taste. And doesn't have the dreaded bounce back, which mean you use less in the long run.

 2. Covergirl Lashblast 24H Mascara

COVERGIRL LashBlast 24 Hour Mascara
Stays forever!
So when I initially tried this product, I hated it. Legit thought it was the worst thing I had ever tried because I could not manage to apply it or get it off. Now, I try other things, and yet I keep going back to this cheap mascara. If you have been reading this awhile, I love long wear. This is amazing for that. Once it is on it doesn't ever budge, ever. It holds up way better than the waterproof. I wore it to a pool party the other week and I didn't have raccoon eyes at all. In fact, it was still pretty much the way I left it when I got up the next morning (although you shouldn't sleep in your makeup, thats bad) which adds to its waking up like sleeping beauty appeal. This super long wearing-ness is great, because I have blond lashes and I find when mascara flakes off normally I am left with stubby lashes halfway through the day. It is so long wearing it scares me a little, so I am sure it is not the most natural thing in the world, but say la vie. I am hoping my natural skincare will balance out the fact that I can't give up my chemical laden, long-wearing makeup. It layers quite well actually, but initially when it is still wet, which is actually a great time saver in the morning because I am not waiting between coats. It is not the "plushest" in the world, but since my lashes are more like fur, I like the definition, and combing of the brush, and because it sets so solid, it holds a curl very well. It comes off using a straight oil, which is the best way to remove it, which seemed to escape me at the time trying all these different double-phase removers. It actually come off great in combination with my next favorite I am sure I have mentioned before...

3. Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil - Clarins
Expensive, but I love you forever
Is it a gel? or an oil? a foam? Its all of the above! I have sung the praises of this before, but this is awesome. It is expensive but I continue to buy it because it is both an amazing cleanser and makeup remover. I went through a period where I was slowly becoming intolerant to all makeup removers and found oils were the only way to go to get off all my aforementioned long-wearing makeup products. But oils have the very annoying habit of migrating into your eyes and clouding your version. Also a lot of the time I still had to use a different cleanser afterwards, or I felt like I needed to use a different cleanser afterwards. I am lazy. This, when massaged in, turns into an oil getting rid of all the makeup and has the benefits that an oil cleanser should have, of attracting the natural oils and removing them. And then when it hits water, it magically (I am saying that a lot this post) turns into a light foam, actually leaving your face without a weird residue. And it perfectly balances the skin out so it doesn't feel dry at all, but just clean. Helped with my acne AND my eczema, that unfortunately sometimes co-habitate the same face. Just amazing. Get samples, seriously. Clarins usually has them for this.

4. Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner in Espresso

Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner
Smudge-Proof! Water-proof! need I say more?
So maybe surprised at this one, or not, who knows? As I mentioned, I am very fair, I find I can use all the eye definition I can get, also again I love long wearing. Normally I am not a big fan of Maybelline, it often just seems like Loreal's poor sister, but this product I dig. I used to wear Avon Glimmersticks in waterproof, which I am sure I have mentioned before, which I still do on occasion. But since I lost my Avon lady and then I moved to New York, I began seeking out other twist-up eyeliner options. Because I am lazy. I tried a ridiculous amount of eyeliners. I have discovered that generally, just long wearing doesn't cover it for me in this category, I also need waterproof due to my greasy eyelids. This one is not as creamy as the Avon, but I find the waxier consistency (its not, like, super waxy) actually stays better. Especially in humidity like I am now experiencing here in New York. I usually use the colour Espresso which is a dark brown-black, or Cinnabar, which is a lighter golden-ish brown. The Espresso is definitely darker than the Avon Chocolate that I used to wear, but it gives great definition because it is a cooler brown. It fades a little, but doesn't end up in a giant smear on my lower lash line. It is also initially very smudge-able, which I like, when it is first applied, and then it sets, which I find very valuable in makeup products in general. Not a particularly exciting product, but an essential nonetheless.

5. Seche Vite

Seche - Seche Vite™
I don't care if it kills me
So this is very unoriginal, and is one of the cult-classics of all time but it is a classic for a reason, and that reason is because it is awesome. It is super fast drying, super shiny, and gives wicked long wear. It takes a bit of getting used to because of the thick formula, but this smooths out any bumps, bubbles, or even dents made if you managed to make before even getting your top coat on and once it is on, it is locked and loaded. It is also the holy grail of getting rid of glitter texture in two coats. I am pretty sure it is not anything-free, and I had heard some sketchy reports, but this post on xovain somewhat eased my mind. Probably still will have to make do with something mediocre if I am ever pregnant, but whateves. I live dangerously.

Do you agree with my top 5?
What is your own top 5?
Lets play the what's in your purse game...

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