Friday, 24 May 2013

How to: Giant Lashes (Without Falsies!)

Obviously these are fake.
So I have been on a serious blog hiatus I know. In between final projects, applying for grad school, friends and working at my actual makeup job, blogging went on the back burner. But not dead! We are back!
So I thought I would start back with lashes since they are everywhere lately. I personally hate wearing fake lashes and I generally suck at applying them. Sometimes its very drag queeny. Unless you are going for that look. Personally no. And until I am done said grad school I will not be able to afford those lash extensions that everyone is wearing. I am not totally sure how great those would be either, lots of allergies/makeup removal hassle. Everyone just wants their own lashes to look that good amirite? Here are my tips:

1. Try a Lash Serum

Makes sense right? Make what you already have longer and fuller before you even get to mascara. Mind you, this take patience. These usually serum like things are put along the lash line like a liquid liner every night after thoroughly removing your makeup (which you would do anyways right?). On the note of makeup removal, be sure to be careful (ie. use a makeup remover of some kind) not to yank your lashes out while you're at it! 
It does take at least a few weeks to see results from the lash serums, but the more descent ones do produce pretty great results. Not lash extension-like results but a little extra lashes. Be prepared to shell out a little money for a descent one, the cheaper ones don't really have anything but conditioners in them and if you are looking after your lashes they wont make that much of a difference. I have tried a couple of the peptide based ones because of my sensitive eyes and have seen pretty descent results. One saving grace is a bottle does last a long time because you need so little. Both of the ones I have tried are Canadian products (sorry everyone else!) but I am sure there are some similar ones wherever you are or you can order online as Neostrata is the bomb.

Neostrata Lash Enhancer Serum

2. Curl Your Lashes!

So I have mentioned this before that lash curlers seriously help. They lift your lashes up and out like a good bra and it makes it easier to load your lashes down with lots of mascara for the drama without them falling in your eyes. And it gives you the wonderful doll lash effect that looks so nice. I have mentioned my favourite curler before, but I will post it again because guess what it is still my favourite. It is a good size, good curves, and you can get replacement pads for it most importantly.

Tweezerman Classic Lash Curler

3. Mascara! (Finally)

So pick a good one, preferably a voluminous one for this. When I am really going to be layering it on, I prefer those plastic bristle brushes that separate the lashes as well as add volume so I don't end up with giant tarantulas for lashes. I am showing my new, current favourite, which is ridiculously cheap and awesome. Other good options would include the Urban Decay Big Fattie, or the Covergirl LashBlast Volume. Just put on a good, thick coat for now.

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
(Pheww long name)

4. Dust Your Lashes

So there are a few specifically designed lash powders on the market, but personally I am not a big fan. They seem to sick to themselves, there is too much on the brush and it ends up everywhere. Personally, what I do is an ancient trick where you just take the translucent powder that you use to set you foundation and dust it across your wet lashes. Easy right? and you would be dusting your face with it anyway. It just give you a bit extra oomph especially on the tips. And then you....

5. Apply More Mascara!

Covering the whitish look of the powder. You can also concentrate a little more on the outer lashes to make it a bit more flirty.

6. Separate

Even with the plastic comb like mascara brush you might end up with a few clumps here and there and you also want to fluff them out. I have seen some people separate with a clean mascara wand which I find removes too much of my mascara. I have also seen bada&%es like Gwen Stefani separate their lashes with a safety pin, which frankly scares me. What do I use? A tool design for the job? That seems too easy. I use a lash comb. The majority of the time I fan them out by using the comb vertically, occasionally brushing out large clumps. I like this Tweezerman one because its metal so the tines don't break off all the time, and it folds neatly up into itself.

Tweezerman Lash Comb
(Mine is Black)

And I leave you with the bada%$ Gwen getting ready, safety pin and all, in a very 1990s ghetto fabulous kind of way.

Do you normally try for big lashes?
What is your favourite mascara?
Have you tried a lash serum?

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