Saturday, 19 January 2013


I am about the bazillionth person to set up a beauty blog, I know. Just what the internet always needed.
I a humble slave beauty girl, working at your local drug store, on the front lines of the beauty madness. Call me a supreme beauty skeptic. I go to the beauty “schools” every season for each company to see the new launches, the latest and greatest, which usually… not so much. It is comical really, each trainer trying to convince a whole room of women who have tried everything, and then some that this new product they hold in their hands is the fabulous thing that everyone has always needed. If it truly is, I will know pretty quickly from someone if it doesn’t. Or they will send me home with swag, in attempt to sway my vote and it actually is (shock! That is maybe one out of ten).
I hear from women what works and what doesn’t, what crazy lengths women will actually go to (epilators anyone?) and what they won’t (3 types of cleansing? Who has time for that?). For some reason people open up their ordinary problems to us beauty people and we attempt to give you an answer. There truly is an answer for every beauty problem now (send me your questions! J)
I have access to some wonderful people with a ton of random beauty knowledge that I have picked up over the years that is wasted on my own face. This is stuff for the average person, walking around, not the 15 year old runway model. Busy women, who want to look after themselves, are concerned about their skin, have good days and bad and just want to feel good. Of course, because I am a beauty lovin’ gal, I like stuff that is funky and fun with lots of color and attitude.
I feel like most blogs seem to just review products, which is great but not overly useful when everyone has a different favorite every week and they are just serving the marketing machine. Which I guess I will be, but I will mostly be talking about tips and tricks, maybe new looks I am loving, or pet peeves that I have that if everyone knew about it they would see the light and stop them. Or not. Yes I will have some suggested product recommends, because when I explain something awesome we need examples right?
Bear in mind I am super fair and blonde, so obviously I am interested in looks that would work with me but I will post other examples. Being super fair, I have rather sensitive skin so most of my recommends will work for people with sensitive skin, don’t expect anything super intensive from me. I have been exploring the realm of natural products too, so people that are interested in that stay tuned! Hopefully you enjoy my blog, and please tell me what you think! Please post any questions in the comments. Enjoy!

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