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How to: Dewy Makeup (Even in the Dead of Winter)

More Louis Vuitton Spring 2012, love the dewy skin, heavy lash and glossy lip.
Louis Vuitton Spring 2012

So it’s January still. I hate January. Just saying. It is dark, cold, you are back to “healthy eating” and to top it off it wreaks havoc on your skin. So here are my tips for looking glowy and dewy in January, like Christmas actually refreshed you (not!).

Important always, but especially important in the winter when your skin is liable to get flaky. Use something mild, so not to irritate the drier patches. Exfoliating also helps your moisturisers absorb better because they aren't sitting on top of layers of dead skin. Better moisturising = more glow.

Speaking of better moisturising  most people need a different moisturiser in the summer than in the winter. Especially in Canada, where there is such a drastic difference. So evaluate; do I feel moisturised?  Plus look at my post, How to: Choose a Moisturizer- An Ingredients Breakdown.

Helps give you better wear but it also certain formulas are meant to be illuminating, to give you extra glow and they are usually more hydrating than there pore shrinking counter parts. I love this one from Urban Decay, their primers are generally awesome:

Urban Decay's Complexion Primer Potion: Brightening & Tightening
Urban Decay's Complexion Primer Potion: Brightening & Tightening

This is the time of year when I would consider a serum for day time to get that extra bit of hydration. Here is where we get into makeup tricks; add a couple drops of serum into your regular foundation. Seem weird? It seems to work better than just adding a moisturiser because it doesn't dilute the foundation as much; it just takes a long-wear foundation and makes it dewier looking. An oil-free serum seems to work the best mixed into foundation and doesn't wreck the wear as much. This trick was stolen from Estee Lauder, so if you have the coin, the Advanced Night Repair is one of my favourites:

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

If you can, lay off it. If you can`t try to use a mica (mineral) based translucent one. It will stop the grease, but it`s not totally matte so it does leave you some glow. Just use it through the T-zone, because chances are you don’t need much more than that anyway. Translucent powders are my favourite for everyday wear because they don’t change the foundation colour underneath, so you have an even skin tone. I also like a loose one because it seems like you use less, even if it can get a bit messy. My favourite is from Lancome, it has a closing mechanism on it and it makes you look airbrushed:

Ageless Minérale With White Sapphire Complex
Ageless Minérale With White Sapphire Complex- In Translucent

When done right can look amazing and give that much needed glow. See my post on How to: Apply Highlighter.

Setting Spray
Sets your makeup, but also it helps to cut the powdery look from any powders you may have applied and enhances your glow. It seems to magically blend the foundation with the skin so you have a less makeup-y finish. I love this one from Clarins, mostly because it smells like Turkish delight but also because it has a hydrating component (but mostly because it smells like Turkish delight):

Clarins Fix' Make-Up
Clarins Fix' Make-Up

So do you want to look dewy in the winter?
What are your winter skin rituals?
Do I talk too much about skin care?


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