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What is (Actually) a BB Cream?

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So I am sick of answering this question. If only there was a way to answer this question and tell the world all at once. There is… or at least for the four people currently reading my blog. Well at least four less people will ask me.

A BB cream is a trend that started in Asia and stands for beauty benefits cream. It has been touted as the miracle cream for your skin and is supposed to do everything but wipe your a@#.

In reality, it should be one product you put on your face and (theoretically) you should be able to walk out the door. A BB cream should contain your daily moisturizer, a corrector or a bit of makeup, a SPF (very important, see here) and preferably some anti-oxidants. Basically, it is a suped-up tinted moisturizer. The big difference though between a regular tinted moisturizer and a BB cream is that most BB creams have slightly more coverage and some contain a high SPF. They have been more popular too because many come in oil free and oil controlling formulas that make people that are oilier or acne prone more likely to use them.

Now, this is where it gets confusing. A lot of companies have now jumped on the BB cream band wagon by calling things BB creams that are not. Companies have come out with just light forms of foundation and called them BB cream (sadly most of the mass brands) that are neither very moisturizing nor do they have SPF, which in my opinion kind of defeats the purpose because at that point I might as well just put on my regular moisturizer with SPF and my normal foundation, right? I have even seen some powders come out dubbed BB. How exactly is that possible? And as far as CC creams go, really people, they are just BB creams trying to be cool and different. The hipsters of BB creams.

Does everyone need a BB cream? Not necessarily no. Are you super lazy and are ok with very light coverage and a dewier look? Then yes this is perfect for you. Wash your face, slap some on head out the door. It is great for people who haven’t worn a lot of complexion makeup before or are just getting into it. I like it mostly for “off” days when I feel like being lazy with my Jessa look or after working out.

People who normally wear a lot of complexion makeup probably won’t like it because it doesn’t cover every flaw; it just evens out the redness a bit. I am told the BB creams in Asia give a ton of coverage but I haven’t seen that sort of coverage in any formula over here, and I am too sketched out to try ordering one online. I have dabbed on a bit of concealer on top of my under eye circles and such but by no means can a BB cream give the look of a full coverage foundation. I do dust a bit of translucent powder over mine so I am not as shiny through the T-zone, but for people who like a totally matte finish this is not for you either.

BB creams do work for people with dry skin; people with dry skin should just try to pick one that isn’t oil free. They may have to layer them over a moisturizer, or the people from Estee Lauder suggest layering them over one of their serums, but any serum will do. A basic hydration serum is probably a good idea, so that you get the extra moisturizing benefits but the BB cream wont slide off too much.

So if you still want one after all that these are my suggestions for real BB creams:

Vichy ProEVEN BB Cream
Vichy ProEven BB Cream SPF 20 $35 - I wear it in Light to Light Medium
This is my favourite  But mostly that is because it is one of the few that was light enough for my pasty complexion. Fragrance free, paraben free, mineral pigments, SPF 20 and vitamin C it is a sensitive skin care dream. I also find that it is actually moisturising enough, and covers enough that I am ok with it. The drawback being it doesn't work on many skin tones, even the medium to dark looks ashy on a lot of people.

Estee Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Cream SPF 35
Estee Lauder DayWear Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Cream SPF 35 $39
This one I give to everyone else. I have had a lot of luck with the basic daywear, and this is just day wear with a tint. Oil free, SPF 35 and very moisturising, plus anti-oxidants; how can you go wrong?
I am not going to mention the million other BB creams that are out there because I am sure you can find reviews online or whatever. Just look at the basic criteria of what actually constitutes a BB cream and you will be fine.

Also something that was just added on Beauty Editor, a how to for the bold brow Rag & Bone look at the top.

So do you still want a BB cream?
Or have you already been converted?
What are your favorites?

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