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Looks I am Loving: Dick Page for Michael Kors Fall 2012

Backstage Beauty: Michael Kors Fall 2012 |
Rosy prettiness!
So I am going to talk about this even though it’s a bit old. Gasp! It’s from last season! I do really like it and now that I have a blog I can talk about it. They showed it at a recent Shiseido school and I remembered how much I loved it. If you haven’t guessed yet Dick Page is my makeup artistry hero. And it feels appropriate now that the weather has gone frigid and our cheeks have taken on a naturally rosy glow. Nothing perks me up like a good dose of blush.

Simple Cosy Pretty
The look which has probably been broken down by thirty some odd blogs was done with the new Shiseido Lip Lacquers (which are finally out!). They were used on the lips and then on the cheeks blended with their new Radiant Lifting Foundation. Very little eye makeup, again like the Jessa look, with a strong brow. Dick page always does his brows with their Shimmering Cream Eye Color on a mascara brush or an angle brush which gives a very healthy look to the brows. It seems weird but I did try it at work the other day and it holds a nice shape when it is put on with a mascara brush; it takes a bit of practice though.

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color Mist
Shimmering Cream Eye Color:
pick depending on brow colour, this is the one I use for blondes
If the whole idea of blending lipstick on your face is sort of abhorrent, not only for wear, but putting on your acne prone skin, there is the limited edition Camellia Palette.

#Holiday Must-Have: Camellia #Compact Limited Edition  Created by Artistic Director Dick Page, this complexion highlighter features Shiseido’s cherished #camellia motif.    In celebration of our 140th #Anniversary, with your purchase of this compact, you’ll receive special Oil-Control Blotting Papers – for a limited time only!
Camellia Palette created by Dick Page
It is really beautiful, and it was what I thought was used for the look until I found out otherwise. Swirled together, it re-creates the look easily with a bit of sheen provided by the highlight. Warning it is very bright though; use a small amount and build up to the intensity you want. Here is the look altogether:

Michael Kors 2012 :0
Michael Kors: digging the dress too!
And a great video watching Dick page create the magic:

So is this a look you would rock?
Who is your makeup artist hero?
What look would you like to see on here?

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